Négy szemű szörny

négy szemű szörny

This is a spectacular independent film and perhaps the future of film distribution. It's more targeted to folks like my son, but I still enjoyed it. The story accurately depicts all the awkwardness of getting into a relationship. It's slightly edgy at times, but I suppose that's realistic (and I am getting old). The messages behind the movie are timely and valid for any teenager, discovering themselves and each other in their young lives.

A rendezőket most a Spout szponzorálja - aki regisztrál, Spout 1 dollárt ad a film kifizetéséhez. Valamint a van egy üzlete, ahol letöltheti a filmet, megrendelheti a dvd-t, inget vehet stb.

Előzetes négy szemű szörnyhez

A teljes film 1 hétig látható Youtube. It's a cool movie – check it out. I would love to see a movie like this provide enough income for the directors to continue their work. Isn't that a fantastic means of marketing and distributing movies? I don't believe you will find a movie with the honesty and realism of Four Eyed Monsters in any mainstream production company.

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